Maternity Favourites

Greg and I welcomed the sweetest little baby into our lives on December 21 – her name is Phoenix Lea Switzer Alsop and we are completely smitten with her. My goal throughout pregnancy was to create a cute and minimalist maternity wardrobe. That said, I didn’t wear maternity clothes until the end of my 2nd trimester so I didn’t want to go overboard with shopping. For the most part, I stuck to affordable maternity brands that offer massive sales regularly (like Old Navy) paired with other non-maternity clothes that I already had and/or could wear beyond pregnancy. Below are the contents of my Maternity Wardrobe as well as my Hospital Bag Packing List – I hope you find it helpful!


Maternity Clothes I Purchased:


“Non-Maternity” Wardrobe Staples:

  • 2 oversized tunic sweaters (*Both purchased based on Jillian Harris recommendations because I’m a sucker, but I wore them throughout my entire 3rd trimester and they’ve been awesome post-baby too! Size XS in both.)
  • 4 Smash+ Tess Rompers – These aren’t maternity clothes but they are amazing for “regular wear” as well as for pregnancy and nursing! I have size XS in the Sweetheart and Romperalls, and XXS in the Friday and Sunday rompers. (*I find the v-neck styles are a looser fit and stretch more than the other styles.)
  • I wore several of my regular workout tanks and leggings until 37ish weeks because workout material is so stretchy, as well as these comfy pullovers (I have been wearing these for years – I have 3 of them because they are the absolute best.)
  • My regular size in Lulu Align Leggings worked until the very end of my pregnancy (even at 41 weeks) and they’ve been my favorite thing to wear in the weeks post-baby. I didn’t actually exercise in them until my 3rd trimester (I used to only wear them as “luxurious loungewear” because the material is so buttery and prone to pilling) but by my 3rd trimester, they were the only workout leggings I had that were actually still comfortable so they got a ton of use.
  • Allbirds Sneakers (These are great if you walk a lot. I’m really picky about footwear (I turn into a gremlin when my feet are sore) and these are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn. That said, they aren’t for working out, more for every day walking). *I ordered size 8, even though I’m usually 7.5, and they fit perfectly.
  • Aritzia Super Puff Winter Coat (size XS – it worked all the way to 41 weeks and still looks good as it’s meant to be a looser fit).

Other Helpful Products:

  • Saje Mother’s Wellness Stretch Mark Blend and Nivea Cocoa Butter Moisturizer (*These products may have prevented me from getting stretch marks, but it’s more likely I avoided them due to inherited genes – either way, they are lovely products to put on your skin every day, and the baby liked the massage I’m sure!)
  • Abnormal Beauty Company products (my sensitive skin was extra sensitive during pregnancy and broke out quite a bit when we first moved to PEI. These products are Canadian,  EXTREMELY affordable, gentle, and the most effective ones I’ve found! Email them for custom skincare recommendations).
  • The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering our Children – Shefali Tsabary (This was my favorite “parenting” book I read, although you can get a free recap if you listen to the episode on Oprah’s Super Soul podcast).
  • Snoogle – Body pillow (I slept with this every night after 32 weeks and I found it made a huge difference in my comfort and the quality of my sleep… although Greg HATED it.)


*This is everything I brought to (and actually used) at the hospital (other than the outfit I was wearing when I went into labour). I had Phoenix on Friday at 4:58pm, and we went home Sunday around noon.

My Hospital Bag:

  • slippers
  • robe (wore over my nursing tank on Saturday)
  • socks and comfy, big underwear (x2)
  • loose, comfy pants (x1, wore these on Saturday and Sunday)
  • long sleeve cozy top (x1, to go home in)
  • nursing tanks (x2)
  • nursing pillow
  • headband and hair elastic
  • face wash, moisturizer, brush, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, chapstick
  • water bottle
  • granola bars (*I was super hungry!)
  • baby outfit and hat
  • receiving blanket
  • warm blanket + car seat with winter cover
  • wallet with health card
  • phone and charger

I hope you find this list helpful!

Thank you for reading,


5 thoughts on “Maternity Favourites

  1. Hi! I’m looking at the Aritzia Super Puff for my pregnancy this year (as my normal jacket is definitely not going to fit around a bump!). They told me in store most people size down for this coat given it is looser, so did you stick to your normal size knowing you’d be wearing it pregnant?


    1. Hi Sarah! I ordered an XS (which is my normal size) and it is definitely fit throughout my whole pregnancy with some room to spare (even at 41 weeks!). I am still planning to wear it now and I’m just enjoying the oversized look (but yes – I could have done the XXS if I was more interested in it as a non-maternity coat). Hope that helps!


      1. I’ve been looking for a blog that covered the Aritizia Super Puff! Thank you! Can I ask how many weeks were you when you bought the jacket? I’m currently 29 weeks and now that the winter months are approaching in Canada, I want to stay warm.


      2. Hi Stephanie! I wore my Super Puff until the end of my pregnancies (41 weeks) with both of my babies. 🙂 It’s very spacious! I still wear it now as it’s so comfortable. I am typically a size 4/6, and I have it in an XS. If I were to buy a new one (without planning to wear it as a maternity coat), I would go for XXS. In other words, it runs super big which makes it excellent for pregnancy!


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