THE STUFF: First 3 Months With Baby

I almost deleted this post because it’s hard to make a list that isn’t completely generic, or way too specific to OUR baby. I decided to post it because figuring out what to get (without getting too much) was confusing, and the lists other people gave me were enormously helpful. Obviously every baby is different, so there will be stuff you swear by that other people find useless, but here’s what worked for us…



What I Wore Postpartum:

Other Things That Were Helpful for Me:

  • Cream of Wheat for breakfast (This is what they gave me in the hospital and my mom said to keep making it at home because of the iron content – it really did make me feel better!)
  • Energy bites (You can get them at Costco or PriceMart – having these on hand next to a big water bottle was super helpful.)
  • Gifts of food! We came home from the hospital to a big bag of easy to make meals and snacks from our friends (crackers, cheese, pasta, pesto sauce, hand pies, pre-made chili, etc.) and it was the BEST thing. Other friends and family gave us freezer meals which were such a relief to have on hand.
  • Padsicles and time each day for a bath during the first 3 weeks or so postpartum (Greg made these for me and helped me find time for a bath each day which made a big difference.)
  • Earplugs when napping (when baby was being held by Greg or grandparents)
  • Massages!!! Having a baby is physically A LOT, so I aim for 1 massage/month (they feel better than ever!)
  • Pelvic floor physiotherapy (I wish this was standard follow-up care for all women after childbirth. There can be a waitlist on PEI so it’s good to call ahead – it’s been so beneficial for me!). My physiotherapist also recommended this, and it’s awesome.
  • Exercise (Once I felt up to it, this really helped me feel like myself. It also gave me more energy, helped me sleep better, and provided a much needed mental break). *When my parents and Greg were away, one of my best friends came over almost every single day to make sure I had time for this and I think it made a world of difference. The gift of “time” so I could get to appointments, workout classes or just have a nap has been so incredible.



  • Infant car seat + winter cover + mirror + hanging toy
  • Stroller and Bassinet (and 2 bassinet sheets) – Our stroller came with a bassinet, which she still sleeps in. The infant car seat we have (above) clicks into this stroller (and when she switches to a bigger car seat, then she will use the stroller seat that came with the stroller.)
  • Swaddle blankets (x2) *Swaddling isn’t for everyone, but we followed The 5 S’s method, and it worked really well for us. We used these thicker/bigger ones for bedtime because it was chilly at night and they work really well with the book’s swaddling technique.
  • Muslin blankets *We needed at least 10 of these, but that’s because our baby spit up a lot in the early months.
  • Crib + mattress + waterproof mattress protector and crib sheets (x2). *She didn’t use any of this stuff in her first 3 months, but it felt good having it set up.
  • Sound machine *Again, based on The 5 S’s.
  • Glider and ottoman *I wasn’t sure if I needed the ottoman but my cousin said GET IT, and I’m so glad I listened to her because it has made the chair WAY more comfortable for all those late night nursing sessions!
  • Nursing pillow
  • Sleepers *We loved these because they zipper, are footed, and are so soft! We had 8 in the 0-3 month size. Honestly, these sleepers were ALL we wanted to put her in! We would have exclusively dressed her in these but she also had all theses other adorable outfits, so we tried to get her into everything. (Seriously though – snaps/buttons are tricky for a newborn, and socks are very difficult to keep on, so zippered/footed outfits are awesome – especially for a winter baby.)
  • Baby “snowsuit” for outdoor walks (hooded, footed, with separated legs) and warm hat.


Things We Anticipate We Will Need for 3+ Months:

  • Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit *We already bought this and she loves it! It’s been a great transition from the swaddle… but again, this really depends on the baby.
  • Jolly Jumper *We think she will eventually love this, but as you can see, she isn’t entirely sure yet…


  • Pack and Play (+ sheets) – Both sets of grandparents have one of these.
  • Activity center
  • High chair
  • Baby gate
  • Larger carseat

The biggest thing I would tell my pre-baby self is to trust that I’ll know MY baby once she arrives, and that will make it way easier to know what stuff I need (vs. trying to predict what we need before ‘the baby’ arrives). It’s easier to fill in the gaps rather than try to anticipate absolutely everything, so just get the essentials.

I hope you found this helpful. Please feel free to share any recommendations you have for other things we should consider getting! Thanks for reading.

❤ Kailea

P.S. I want to share my friend Brittnei’s blogs for baby stuff she loved (1-3 months and 4-7 months) because she has excellent recommendations.

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