Using OneNote to Get Organized At Work

I am a kindergarten teacher and the kids in my class love to play the “raise your hand if” game. At lunchtime, I often hear them asking each other questions. “Raise your hand if you like purple,” “Raise your hand if you like aliens,” “Raise your hand if you like playing this game.”

You get the point. So here’s a question for you. Raise your hand if you think organization is fun No? No one? Just me? Since this may not be your favorite thing, let’s make it more fun by playing the game.

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A Guide To Relaxation (From Someone Who Couldn’t)

I’ve been described, rather diplomatically, as having “a bias toward action.”  From age 12-22, my most valuable possession was my agenda… and it wasn’t being used to keep track of all the super cool parties I was definitely invited to.  I scheduled every free moment and I wasn’t able to turn off the organizing, regimented part of my brain.  It was a struggle because I always felt pressure to be doing or achieving something, and I felt guilty when I wasn’t maximizing my time.  Trying to relax was actually a stressful experience.  Then I took a giant chill pill, just like everyone told me to do, and I was cured!  Just kidding.  The changes have been super gradual, but I have learned how to relax.  Below I’ve shared five self-care practices that have helped me discover the art of relaxation.

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