My Unplanned Year 3: Goal-Setting

You know the expression, “you live, you learn”? Well I started thinking about it a few months ago. I realized that I spend A LOT of energy trying to “learn” so I can frantically avoid making mistakes while “living.” I avoid situations that I can’t prepare for. I like predictable situations because they make me feel in control.

This year I want to take more chances. Stretch myself into the unknown. Set up camp outside of my comfort zone. So here are my goals for my unplanned year… Continue reading

Words for 2016: Light. Still. Whole. Free.

My words for 2016 are light, still, whole, and free.  These words capture the way I want to feel.

I discovered the idea of “core desired feelings” from Danielle LaPorte’s work (learn more here).  I’ve found that when my goal is a desired feeling, any efforts toward it are inherently satisfying. It isn’t about a final destination or ‘achieving’ in traditional terms – it is about connecting to my internal compass.  It is about finding and appreciating the things I can choose to do in order to evoke the feelings I like to have.  The ideas I’ve listed below feel like invitations to myself, not a chore list.

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