Words for 2016: Light. Still. Whole. Free.

My words for 2016 are light, still, whole, and free.  These words capture the way I want to feel.

I discovered the idea of “core desired feelings” from Danielle LaPorte’s work (learn more here).  I’ve found that when my goal is a desired feeling, any efforts toward it are inherently satisfying. It isn’t about a final destination or ‘achieving’ in traditional terms – it is about connecting to my internal compass.  It is about finding and appreciating the things I can choose to do in order to evoke the feelings I like to have.  The ideas I’ve listed below feel like invitations to myself, not a chore list.

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Simple Tips to Organize your Time, Space and Heart in 2016

There is no time like the New Year to try out new routines and organizational strategies.   I find that creating order in my schedule and physical environment increases my emotional clarity.  Similarly, feeling emotionally disheveled and swamped impacts the way I engage with my space, move through my day, and interact with those around me.

I think mental, emotional, and physical health are interconnected so I like to approach my personal organization efforts in a holistic way.  Below are some suggestions for putting your time, space and heart in order this year.

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