A List of Literally ALL The Beauty Products I Use (A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup)

When it comes to beauty products, I’ve always been pretty clueless.  I didn’t start wearing makeup on a daily basis until I was 22 and even then, I was just wearing tinted moisturizer and putting some vaseline on my lips.  I decided a few years ago that I really wanted to learn more about this stuff, but I am still, in no way, a “beauty connoisseur.”

I LOVE receiving recommendations from my friends on this subject and wanted to share their collective wisdom.  Here are the current products I use – all suggested to me by people who understand my desire for gentle products and a natural look, but are also aware of my limitations when it comes to “patience” and “skill” in the beauty department:




Daily Makeup:

*TIP: Using a label maker, put the date of purchase on the side of your mascara – that way you know how long you’ve had it and when to replace it. I also use a Cosmetic Organizer from Target ($15).





Bedtime Routine:



I received the following product recommendations from readers:

Facial Cleaners/Moisturizers/Masks:

Eye Makeup:

Foundations/BB Creams/Under-Eye Concealers:



Hair Products:

I hope this list is helpful, and maybe even gives you ideas for your holiday wish list!

❤ Kailea

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