My Favorite Cozy Things

‘Tis the season! If you know me well, you know that being cozy is one of my top priorities. Especially given the tough week we’ve had in LA, I really needed to slow down and focus on what makes me feel calm. The below list is comprised of the things that help me get into the coziest of moods. Enjoy!

1. Arkells Acoustic Playlist on Spotify – I am late to the Arkells party, but when these Canadians came to LA a few months ago, I joined their fan community with FULL FORCE. You can often (perhaps too often) find me listening to this chill acoustic playlist on repeat, or dancing to the original version of “Leather Jacket.”


2. I love listening to podcasts while cooking and walking. My top two cozy podcasts are Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations and Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel. If you feel like getting inspired and in touch with your feelings, check them out.

3. The Wisdom of the Enneagram ($17 USD) – This is a self-reflection tool that our friends introduced us. It is the most accurate and insightful personality tool I’ve used to gain deeper self-understanding. Move over Meyers-Briggs – this is the new Personality Psychology celebrity in my books!


4. Lululemon Align Pant II ($98 CAD) – My friend works for Lululemon and she recommended these – I LOVE THEM. They are the most comfortable leggings I’ve EVER worn – you almost can’t feel them (my top criteria when seeking pants!). Since they are so light, I use them as  “indulgent loungewear” vs. workout clothes).


5. Saje Natural Wellness Essential Oil Blends ($19.95 CAD per blend) – I discovered this shop while strolling along Abbott Kinney Blvd. in Venice and was so pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s a Canadian company! My favorite blends are “Solace” (I’m a hot sleeper so this is cooling, calming, and balancing) and “Gutzy” (scent reminds me of black licorice – really helps relieve cramps and belly aches). I keep them by my bed, and never travel anywhere without them.


6. Blume Chili Turmeric Latte Mix ($17.99 CAD) – My lovely Vancouver-based friend brought me this as a gift the last time she visited and I LOVE it. Sweet and spicy, keeps the sinuses clear, and is the perfect treat mid-afternoon treat. (Also, supporting a Canadian business!)


7. Korean Collagen Essence Sheet Mask (16 pack for $12 USD) – The mask may look terrifying on (think “white ghost sheet face”), but you’ll be left with a dreamy winter glow when you take it off! It’s a steal at 16 for $12.


8. Lace Bralette ($30 USD) – I’m a bralette junkie and this one is by far my favorite. It was handmade in my hometown (Charlottetown, PEI – a bonus!) and they ship worldwide through Etsy). Again, if you like clothes that feel like they aren’t there, you’ll LOVE this. Thank you ShoppeJuju – I wish I had one in every color!


9. Kent Beanie from Madewell ($38 USD) – As may already be clear from earlier items in this post, I’m really picky about fabrics –  if something itches me, I can’t wear it. This hat is so comfortable, fits great, and it comes in three delightful colors.


10. Parachute Bedding ($379 USD) – Quintessential California style made in Venice Beach. We love this bedding so much, we got it for Christmas two years in a row (Percale Venice, and Linen for different seasons). It’s amazing that I ever get out of bed.


I hope you enjoyed my cozy list. Perhaps it will inspire your holiday wish list or gift giving (as honestly, who doesn’t like being cozy?).

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kailea

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Cozy Things

  1. I love your beanie! Do you remember the name of the color? Wondering if it’s still available in the shades they are selling this year, as well. Thanks for sharing!


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