We LOVE Hawaii (I mean, does anyone not love Hawaii?). Especially from LA, it’s such a logistically easy trip. Direct flight, and you are still in America, so no hassles with phones, currency, or customs. Book the flight, the AirBnB, and the rental car – and that’s it, trip planned! Below are the highlights from our recent trip in case Maui is on the horizon for you.


My Packing List – 9 Day Trip (late February, early March):

*We packed carry-on. I recently got this suitcase in blush and I LOVE it.

  • Flip-flops, sneakers, sandals
  • 3 bathing suits
  • PJ’s, underwear, a few pairs of socks
  • Beachwear: jean short overalls, jean shorts, sundress
  • 3 bottoms (jeans, joggers, leggings)
  • 6 tops (2 light tee’s, 4 tanks)
  • 2 nice outfits for fancier dinners etc.
  • Jean jacket and hoodie
  • Minimal jewelry and very basic make-up (*Despite bringing a bunch of options, I wore the same earrings, necklace, and bracelet the entire trip. Make-up wise, I also brought too much – I only used this + thisSPF chapstick. I’m into this serum right now – clean face + this on flights = wonderfully hydrated skin!)

Top 5 Favorite Activities:

  1. Beaching: There are so many jaw-dropping beaches on Maui – you really can’t go wrong. Our favorite “beach day” was at Makena (in Wailea) but other beaches were awesome for snorkeling and surfing. IMG_0776
  2. Adventuring: We went zip-lining with our friends here (combine this with Haleakala), and power hang-gliding here (combine this with the Road to Hana). Even if you are “risk-adverse,” both activities feel super safe, are beginner-friendly, and tons of fun!IMG_6708
  3. Exploring: Check out Haleakala, and definitely do the Road to Hana (make sure to stop at the red sand and black sand beaches! (Oh, and buy some banana bread on the road!). If you want a beautiful and easy hike, try the Ohai Loop Trail (Lahaina).
  4. Eating: Obviously eat as much coconut shrimp as humanly possible, but also check out Star Noodle in Lahaina – one of the best meals we’ve EVER had. (*Make reservations and get the Vietnamese crepe, and the Ahi Avo to start!)

    5. Chilling: And our favorite activity? Doing nothing at all! We spent lots of time just chilling, reading books, drinking coffee on our front deck, and exploring our neighborhood (there was a street fair called “First Friday in Wailuku” that was great). This AirBnB was a great find (residential area, about 20 minutes from beaches, charming and very comfortable!)


If you are a Hawaii-lover as well, we would love your tips and recommendations for our future travels!

Aloha and thanks for reading,


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