Simple Tips to Organize your Time, Space and Heart in 2016

There is no time like the New Year to try out new routines and organizational strategies.   I find that creating order in my schedule and physical environment increases my emotional clarity.  Similarly, feeling emotionally disheveled and swamped impacts the way I engage with my space, move through my day, and interact with those around me.

I think mental, emotional, and physical health are interconnected so I like to approach my personal organization efforts in a holistic way.  Below are some suggestions for putting your time, space and heart in order this year.

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25 Books in 2015

I have always loved to read.  Give me the choice between a beautiful summer day complete with lemonade and popsicles, or reading in a musty basement on a smelly old couch, and I’ll probably choose the latter.  My parents are convinced my need for glasses resulted from reading and “wearing my poor little eyes right out.”  Regardless, I still love to read and I set a goal to read 25 books in 2015.  Here is my list:

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