Stumped for Gift Ideas?

I have always loved giving (and receiving!) gifts.  Here are some ideas based on awesome gifts people have given me in the past – hopefully it will spark your thinking this holiday season!




  • Portable Power Bank (For the person whose phone is always dying)
  • Home Projector (If you use your laptop to watch tv, this is great for hosting! You just need an empty wall!)
  • Record Player (This is a reasonably priced one we received as a wedding gift and it works/sounds great)


Paper Goods:



  • Escape Room (Google to see if this is available in your city. In LA, The Basement is so good!)
  • Zip-lining or skydiving
  • Cooking class (Greg and I were given a “pie making class” a few years ago and it was a blast!)


photo 1-1


  • Homemade mix CD (retro and awesome)
  • Song lyric print of a meaningful song (my best friend and I have prints of our song – “Love is a Battlefield”)
  • Cookbook filled in by various family members with favorite recipes (I haven’t actually received this, but I would love to!)

I also had these ideas for themed gift baskets:

What are your “go to” gifts, or favorite gifts you’ve been given, that others may enjoy?

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

❤ Kailea

5 thoughts on “Stumped for Gift Ideas?

    1. Aww! Thank you for reading Moe! A book filled in with family recipes would be a dream for me! Maybe I should put it together over the summer and then make copies for all the cousins. ❤


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