20 Piece Packing List: 2 Week Trip

I am going to Canada for the holidays and I am so excited! I have been using an app called “StyleBook” lately. It lets you photograph your clothes and put outfits together.  I used it to create my packing list.



  • Black jeans
  • Boyfriend jeans
  • Burgundy jeans
  • High-waisted jeans

(*In retrospect, I really only needed the black and burgundy jeans. I wish I had of packed sweatpants!)


  • 4 basic short-sleeve tees
  • 2 long-sleeve tees and a denim button-up shirt
  • 3 warm sweaters and 2 layering pieces

(*The short and long-sleeve tees were great.  I only wore of the 2 warm sweaters.  I would have preferred a light pullover sweater instead of the zip-up vest, and I should have brought a comfy hoodie).

Dressing Up:

  • Wrap dress
  • Metallic dress
  • Black skirt
  • Blazer

(*I didn’t need the black skirt.)

I will also pack 7 pairs of warm socks and underwear, my winter pajamas, and a few workout outfits (and I will do laundry halfway through my trip). In terms of shoes, I will bring Blundstone boots, lace-up combat boots, and running sneakers.

Happy packing!

❤ Kailea

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