Whole Lotta Lunch 8: Burrito Bowl

I made burrito bowls this week and they were super easy and delicious.  I also made one of my favorite overnight oat parfaits from Oh She Glows, which served as a very filling snack.


Click on links below to see full recipes:


I made the chia seed jam and the overnight oats on Saturday. On Sunday, I layered the pudding and jam into individual containers. I added the chopped pear each morning.  It made 5-6 snack sized servings.  The jam is super easy and delicious, and there will be leftover so you can put it on toast, in oatmeal, or other chia seed puddings.

The burrito bowl was one of the quickest and simplest recipes I’ve made lately.  I didn’t make the avocado-lime sauce because I didn’t think it would last all week. Instead, I added 1/2 an avocado to the bowl each morning before heading to work, and heated it up for 45 seconds in the microwave before eating. I also put corn chips and a piece of dark chocolate in the upper tray of my lunch container.

FullSizeRender-5    FullSizeRender-7FullSizeRender-3

Grocery List:

Sweet onion


Grape tomatoes

Avocados (2)


Pears (2)

Seasonal fruit (4-5 servings)

Frozen blueberries (550g)

Coconut milk

Black beans


Tomato paste

Lemon juice

Maple syrup

Corn chips

Brown rice

Rolled oats

Ground cardamom

Chia seeds

String cheese

Dark chocolate bar

*I’m assuming you have extra-virgin olive oil (or coconut oil), chili powder, garlic powder, dried oregano, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and sea salt, but if not, add those things to your list as well.


❤ Kailea


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