A Weekend Retreat, Vancouver, B.C.

Corinne is one of my very best friends and she currently lives in Vancouver. We have lived in separate cities for the past 4 years, but thankfully, we’ve been able to see each other regularly. We’ve met up in Toronto, San Francisco, and LA twice; I was determined to make it to Vancouver this year.  I had been to Vancouver a couple of times in the past, but only for work – this was my first time really getting to relax and enjoy the city.

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My Unplanned Year: 10 Hikes

When I first moved to LA, people started recommending me “all the great hikes here I simply had to do” –  to which I would smile and then silently file in my “thanks but not for me” drawer.

To me – hiking was basically the opposite of an activity I would enjoy. Something for those who owned “gear.” I thought it was laden with rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and cliffs – none of which existed on my fair and gentle isle in Canada.

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Want to Stop Throwing Food Away? (Template for Weekly Meal Planning)

Buying groceries (and using them all!) to make 90% of your meals at home results in major money saving and healthier eating, but it does require planning. Although I don’t think it’s a ‘one-size-fits-all’ sort of thing, below is the template Greg and I follow consistently, in case any of the elements appeal to you and make sense for your life 🙂

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